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The Leadbetters | Mother's Day Minis, Corsica, PA

Let me just start by saying: scroll on with caution because by the end of the post, you. will. have. baby. fever. A couple of months before Mother's Day, a friend of mine reached out because her brother was looking to gift his wife a photo session for Mother's Day. They were actually the reason Mother's Day Minis took place this year! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of gifting photos and I knew we needed to make it happen. Whether someone buys the session as a gift to you or you buy it for yourself for Mother's Day, there really isn't a better present than memories. These were so fun and I had so many great families come to these that I am going to make them an annual occurrence for Mother's Day! Enjoy this snippet of these sweet babies with their mama, I just love them!

Of course Aunt Kelsey came and kept everyone entertained! Anything for the smiles, cartwheels included! :)

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