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Izzy | Cleveland, Ohio Senior Session

I'm not sure who needs to hear this, but there is no. such. thing. as getting too dressed up for your senior photos! Izzy opted for adorable red heels for the first half of her session and she pulled them off in every way possible. Her second look was more casual and I just love that the whole shoot captures her so completely.

I lived in Cleveland for an entire year before I realized that this gold chandelier existed and honestly, I can't even be cool about this: Izzy's senior photos are ICONIC. Don't worry, it may look like we were playing in traffic but this was (mostly) completely safe and we had Mom tagging along to play crossing guard when necessary ;)

During her senior session, we hit up Playhouse Square and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Park (the same place we took her brother's the year before!). I hope you will take the time to scroll down to see the second half of the session because it is WORTH IT.

Izzy, your smile is infectious and your energy is such a joy to be around. I could literally take your picture for hoursssss! Thanks for bringing so much of your personality to this session, it felt like we were hanging out and that's the best kind of "work!"

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