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I am a firm believer that images should be displayed in your home to be seen and enjoyed as much as possible, not on a jump drive in your desk drawer. Because of that, I have selected beautiful options for displaying your images which are outlined below. All products are hand crafted and made in the USA with the highest quality materials. We will walk through the process together. There are options for every budget so don't be afraid to let me know that ahead of time so we can discuss options that will leave you feeling fulfilled rather than blind-sided. My intent in offering printed products isn't to be sales-ey. I have seen clients over the years struggle with printing and displaying their images in a high-quality way. This solves that as I have vetted each of these products and know them to be high quality, you have my guarantee (as long as they are cared for properly!).

Payment plans are available upon request (products are not ordered until the total amount due is received).


Signature Books

Premium, handcrafted books made for you


Luxurious layflat pages

Unique cover options

Cover embossing

10 spreads

6x6: $400
8x8: $600
10x10: $750
12x12: $800
Sister books 25% off

Corresponding digital images included.

Metal & Canvas Prints

Artist grade, bright, bold and printed on high gloss metal to give an industrial appearance

Artist-grade canvas with a finished backing, printed with texture to give matte appearance



Easily cleaned


Lasts 100+ years



Black backing

Corner bumpers

Different depths for different appearances

Available Sizes:
8x10: $49
11x14: $74
12x12: $64
12x18: $92
12x36: $189
16x24: $149
20x30: $159
24x36: $324
Additional sizes available upon request.

Corresponding digital images included.


Framed Prints

Timeless and traditional, handmade, available in a variety of styles

Fine art print with protective glass to preserve for years 
Available with matting or without
Variety of styles and materials

Comes with hanging hardware installed on back

Available Sizes:
5x7: $120
8x10: $140
11x14: $150
12x18: $225
16x24: $315
20x24: $345
20x30: $375

Corresponding digital images included.

Image Boxes

Custom keepsake box, stylishly present and protect your images

Preserves photos in stylish manner
Customize the cover and inside flap
Holds 10 matted prints

Available Sizes:
4x6: $220
5x7: $260
8x8: $330
12x12: $530


Corresponding digital images included.


Photographic Prints

The highest quality ensured, with a longevity of 100+ years

Printed on the highest quality paper available on the market

Available Sizes:
Wallets (8): $12
Wallets (56): $56
4x6: $4

5x7: $8
8x8: $12
8x10: $14
10x10: $16
11x14: $20
12x18: $32


Do you have something in mind but don't see it listed here? Let me know! I am always looking for new products and prints to offer!

Bundle & Save

The following packages are available to all clients (except weddings) to group together your must-haves!

In-house payment plans are available upon request (products are not ordered until paid in full).

Keep in mind you also have a print credit included in your session fee.


12x12 signature album

6x6 signature album (great for gifting!)

12x18 metal or canvas print

20% off all other a la carte products



8x8 signature album

12x18 metal or canvas print

56 wallets

10% off all other a la carte products



5x7 image box (includes 10 matted prints)

16x24 metal or canvas print

two sets of 8 wallets (16 total prints)


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